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So, for week #1 its.00, then week #2 its.00, then week number 3 its.00 and on and on until you reach the 52nd one (which youd have placed 52 aside). Some days youll have a ton of it to add to the pot, while others nothing at all (especially if youre doing challenge #2! Step #1 is to create a new savings account at any bank of your choice preferably one outside of your current bank so theres less temptation to pull from it (in fact, dont even set up online access OR get a debit card nix all.

A lot of different ideas here, but really the only ones that matter are the ones you *take action* on So hopefully you do whether its your own, or one or two from here. #6) *bonus* The 365 Less Things Challenge.

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Add: 08 Mar 2018, 15:15
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